I wanted to find a way to support Bernie Sanders and his 2016 run for president, and I thought a 3D printed bobblehead would be a unique way to get the word out about him as well as provide some extra donations to his campaign.

My name is Wes Thomas, and I design products for a living (mostly toys). I work a lot in my professional life with a process called injection molding, which is a method of creating a lot of products that are inexpensive rather quickly. However injection molding requires an expensive up front cost to create the steel molds used to inject the plastic into, and a certain level of confidence that you'll sell thousands, tens of thousands, or millions of the products to make it a worthwhile investment.

In this case, I don't know who will be interested or how many I can sell, but whatever demand there is for Bernie Bobbleheads will be met by 3D printing them on-demand when the orders are placed. This allows me to invest nothing other than hours of design time (which I enjoy), and all the profits made can go directly to the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders.

Thanks for checking out the project, and feel free to contact me with anyone questions or comments.